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Guys with iPhones
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Guys with iPhones

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July 18, 2014

Anonymous said: hey. You reblogged awhile back a sweet little twink, pale, dark shaggy hair, mirror selfie. Tiny boy, thin little cock. Do you know where I can find it? i've been scrolling and no luck.

Any idea about how long ago?  I’ll try to find it, but I do post alot :)

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Home alone

gaypornblogger: Milked by Fleshjack - my big cock sprays a massive hot load on my lips!

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20 year old straight marine

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The trouble we would get into if I ran into him…

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Bitch wouldn’t put out, so I got off online with anyone who wanted to watch.

Name please! He is a classic! :)

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Hundreds of free gay videos posted every day just for you!!


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